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Shiyam Sunder's Statistics

Name Shiyam Sunder Hours 68.05
Pilot ID KAC2329 Flights 35
Hub OKBK Distance Flown 30163 miles
Rank First Officer Last Flight 314 Days ago
Hire Date: 08/02/2019 Last Flight Date 11/18/2019

My Bio

Shiyam Sunder joined Kuwait Virtual 423 days ago, and is based out of the OKBK hub. Shiyam Sunder was given the Pilot ID of KAC2329. Is currently holding a rank of First Officer. KAC2329 currently has 35 flights totalling 68.05 flight hours. KAC2329 last flight was on November 18, 2019, 314 days ago. KAC2329 has a best landing landing of -113 with an average landing of -300. Also with a worst landing of -300. KAC2329 has earned $ 16, 540.00 since joining Kuwait Virtual on August 02, 2019. has also earned 0 awards flying with Kuwait Virtual.

Shiyam Sunder (Hired 423 days ago!)

Shiyam Sunder's Landings Stats

Best Landing: -113
Average Landing: -300
Worst Landing: -300

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (35)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
KAC774 OERK OKBK A330-243 (9K-APE) 00.41 11/18/2019 Accepted
KAC773 OKBK OERK A330-243 (9K-APE) 00.45 11/18/2019 Accepted
KAC562 OJAI OKBK 777-369(ER) (9K-AOL) 01.17 11/18/2019 Accepted
KAC503 OKBK OLBA A320-214 (9K-AKK) 01.37 11/17/2019 Accepted
KAC618 OTHH OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKE) 00.49 11/16/2019 Accepted
KAC619 OKBK OTHH 777-369(ER) (9K-AOI) 00.37 11/14/2019 Accepted
KAC788 OEJN OKBK 777-369(ER) (9K-AOD) 01.08 11/13/2019 Accepted
KAC783 OKBK OEJN A320-214 (9K-AKE) 01.38 11/06/2019 Accepted
KAC343 OKBK VOMM A330-243 (9K-APB) 04.24 11/06/2019 Rejected
KAC156 LTFM OKBK 777-369(ER) (9K-AOM) 02.12 11/04/2019 Rejected
KAC155 OKBK LTFM 777-369(ER) (9K-AOM) 02.14 11/04/2019 Accepted
KAC613 OKBK OBBI A320-214 (9K-AKG) 00.35 10/31/2019 Accepted
KAC564 OJAI OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.31 10/24/2019 Accepted
KAC563 OKBK OJAI A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.25 10/24/2019 Accepted
KAC101 OKBK EGLL 777-369(ER) (9K-AOC) 04.50.39 10/16/2019 Accepted
KAC121 OKBK LEMG A330-243 (9K-APA) 06.35 10/07/2019 Accepted
KAC1544 HECA OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKG) 01.55 10/01/2019 Accepted
KAC1543 OKBK HECA A320-214 (9K-AKG) 02.06 10/01/2019 Accepted
KAC522 ORNI OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKE) 00.47.27 09/28/2019 Accepted
KAC521 OKBK ORNI A320-214 (9K-AKE) 00.51.22 09/28/2019 Rejected
KAC191 OKBK UGTB A320-214 (9K-AKG) 01.57.57 09/28/2019 Rejected
KAC194 LTCG OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKF) 01.39 09/26/2019 Accepted
KAC193 OKBK LTCG A320-214 (9K-AKF) 02.06 09/26/2019 Accepted
KAC539 OKBK HESH A320-214 (9K-AKH) 02.00 09/25/2019 Accepted
KAC343 OKBK VOMM A330-243 (9K-APB) 04.26 09/24/2019 Accepted
KAC620 OTHH OKBK 777-369(ER) (9K-AOI) 00.39 09/23/2019 Accepted
KAC619 OKBK OTHH 777-369(ER) (9K-AOI) 00.38 09/23/2019 Accepted
KAC346 VAAH OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKF) 04.27 09/23/2019 Rejected
KAC345 OKBK VAAH A320-214 (9K-AKF) 03.11 09/22/2019 Accepted
KAC358 VOCI OKBK A330-243 (9K-APC) 04.36 09/21/2019 Accepted
KAC357 OKBK VOCI A330-243 (9K-APC) 04.24 09/20/2019 Accepted
KAC516 OIIE OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.01 09/20/2019 Accepted
KAC515 OKBK OIIE A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.07 09/19/2019 Accepted
KAC304 VABB OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKH) 03.05 09/19/2019 Accepted
KAC301 OKBK VABB 777-369(ER) (9K-AOI) 02.44 09/18/2019 Accepted
KAC564 OJAI OKBK A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.34 09/18/2019 Accepted
KAC563 OKBK OJAI A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.29 09/17/2019 Accepted
KAC563 OKBK OJAI A320-214 (9K-AKJ) 01.29 09/17/2019 Accepted
KAC774 OERK OKBK A330-243 (9K-APE) 00.42 09/15/2019 Accepted
KAC775 OKBK OERK A320-214 (9K-AKG) 00.44 09/15/2019 Accepted

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